What We Believe

Crochiq’s greatest goal is to make sure every single person who comes in contact with our brand finishes that experience feeling more confident in themselves and motivated to do whatever is needed to step further into their purpose with complete trust in themselves. We at Crochiq know clothes do not make the person, it’s the confidence we wish to instill into each person wearing them to turn heads and be the centerpiece of each room because with confidence comes trust and with trusting yourself you know you will make the right decisions to get to the next level on your individual journey. 

Confidence and trust in oneself go hand in hand to know that you can listen to others opinions but yours reigns supreme. No one can walk in your shoes and without  your shoes no one can walk into your purpose but you.  Celebrate your individuality and remember there is no one on this earth who can do it like you! The difference between standing out and fitting in is how you feel about yourself and forgiving yourself with each misstep that put you on a different street than you envisioned but didn’t make a complete U-turn on your journey. We at Crochiq believe knowing which direction you want to go will always be needed. Unfortunately, Waze can’t map out our journey but trusting your internal GPS on your journey is what makes life exciting. You will have good days and you will have bad days but know from personal  experience the bad days will lessen as you learn the lessons from those days. Every lesson is a blessing to lessen those bad days as you become wiser on your individual journey finding and cultivating your purpose.

Be you. Trust you. Love you.


Love Crochiq